Photo:  Trav Williams


I am Provost and Faculty at the Activist Graduate School and an NEH Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hannah Arendt Center of Bard College (2018-19). 

With a Ph.D. in Rhetoric from U.C. Berkeley (2017), I work at the intersection of philosophy and politics. I write across a range of genres and disciplines. My creative work has appeared or is forthcoming in cultural venues including Adbusters Magazine, The Philosopher, and Two Hawks Quarterly; my academic work is at home in journals like Ancient Philosophy and Epoché.

How do we deal with difference?

Having lived around the world, in huge cities and small towns, I am often preoccupied with the problem of difference. How do humans conceive, experience, and represent difference? How do differences organize personal subjectivity and the political world? And how can diversity be made to co-exist with equality? Projects underway include a collection of philosophical fiction, Adventures of Nobody, and a research project on the connections within and between Activism and Antiquity.

My training 

is unusually interdisciplinary. I hold a BA in History with a minor in Interpretation Theory from Swarthmore College, where I graduated Phi Beta Kappa (2005); an MA in Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture from SUNY Binghamton (2009); a PhD in Rhetoric with the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory from UC Berkeley (2017). Among my honors and awards are the Frank E. Ratliff Fellowship in Classical Antiquity (2016-17), the Critical Theory Dissertation Fellowship (2015-16), and the Mellon Discovery Fellowship (2009-12). I am an affiliate member of the Postclassicisms Network at Princeton University.

Inspired by

my upbringing in Egypt and Turkey, and by the global wave of political action in 2011, I connect history, theory, and our techno-political present. In 2018, I was appointed Provost of the Activist Graduate School. In 2017, I co-taught a seminar on "Technology and Social Change" for the radical Telluride Association Summer Program. In 2013, I co-founded Boutique Activist Consultancy, a social change think tank.